prodigal · /ˈpɹɑdɪɡəl/ · adjective : lavish; bountiful.

bun · /ˈbən/ · noun : a bread of various shapes and flavorings, typically sweet.

I’m Allison. Over a decade ago, I moved to New York for grad school, stayed for work, then decided to finally Do the Damn Thing and enrolled in pastry school at the International Culinary Center (RIP). Now, a few years later, I’m back in my native California (the Prodigal Bun returns!) to work out some recipes, learn and explore as much as I can, and hopefully bring some joy to people through food—mostly baked goods, but hey, I’m an equal opportunity eater.

Outside of the kitchen, you can find me stumbling my way around SoCal hiking trails, plopped in front of some really horrendous reality TV, or trying to pet every dog I see on the street.

Let me know if there’s anything in particular you want to learn about or watch me make! (Or if you have a dog I can pet!)