Ideally, this blog would have been running for over a month by now (I’ve fudged the post dates a little—shhhh, it’s our little secret.) But unfortunately, as you’ll see in posts to come, going to pastry school at night while working a full-time job isn’t exactly a cake walk. (See what I did there? Expect more of that if you stick around. Puns are like my bread and butter.)

For the last decade, every once in a while I’d decide that this was it—this was finally the time I applied for pastry school. I’d sign up for mailing lists, look at catalogs, RSVP for open houses but never go. I wasn’t ready to fully commit, so I’d carry on with life, grad school, moving states and even countries, always keeping pastry school as a distant dream, something I could look forward to doing…someday.

Well, someday is today. Earlier this year, I finally applied for a nine-month night program, and in late August, I put on my whites, marked all my tools in my kit, and stepped into a professional kitchen for the first time, full of excitement, anxiety, and hunger to learn E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

I’ll be updating throughout my program, sharing pictures, some tips, maybe some recipes, too. In the meantime, for all the tasty pictures of class-made treats and my adventures in pastry, check out my Instagram.

Stay tuned!

Ready to start this adventure!
Ready to start this adventure!

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